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At Global Forum, Amanda Johnstone will be sharing about AI and the Attention Economy. Attention is everything. Technology has already been built and deployed to measure levels of comprehension, to deliver tailored content to keep audiences engaged using human-machine symbiosis in real time, what it means to be human is evolving exponentially. We are on the precipice of the integration of tools that are radically changing the way we both create and absorb information. It goes beyond AI, ChatGPT, virtual reality and holograms. Amanda will teach you how to see what is coming next, capitalise on it, and how to be first to market.


Amanda Johnstone is the CEO of Transhuman and is one of Australia’s most globally recognised AI technologists and specialist communicators.


At the young age of 17, Johnstone co-founded award-winning retail chain, Sebachi, in Tasmania. Sebachi became one of Australia’s first e-commerce stores in the early 2000's.


With a desire to transform the role of technology in our lives, Amanda Johnstone co-founded Transhuman, a mental health and emotion AI technology in 2014. It was there that Johnstone invented the world’s first file type responsible for data sharing in the metaverse with technology leaders from NASA, Apple, and General Electric."


Johnstone has received prestigious accolades such as being named a Next Generation Leader by TIME and awarded Start-up Executive of the Year by The CEO Magazine. She is sought after as a keynote speaker on emerging technologies and leadership, addressing audiences from YPO, Allianz, Stanford, Kellogg's, Google Cloud, Optus, The Australian Government, Commonwealth Bank, The Education Department, MYOB, Zoom, and more.


She is also the host of Social Audio show “Talk Nerdy To Me”. The show has nearly 300,000 subscribers and has hosted over 250 shows upskilling others on emerging technologies like blockchain, digital avatars, NFT’s and AI. Show guests include those from organisations such as Stanford Medicine, EY, Google, The Science Channel, Universal, Atlassian, NASA, IBM and Linktree.

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