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Covid Safe Plan



On the March 2022, Association for Data-Driven Marketing & Advertising is hosting an event to celebrate Global forum at the ICC Sydney. The ticketed event will feature national and local talent on stage and virtual for an opening cocktail evening followed by a full day conference the next day.


Date: March 2022


Organisers: Usual Suspects Creative PTY LTD


Email Contact:

Please note: This plan will be updated in line with government guidance




The health and wellbeing of all guests and staff at our events is our top priority and one that is monitored according to State Government regulation and guidelines. We have put in place a number of procedures and preventative measures to minimise risk as well as take action in the event of an occurrence at the event. We will continue to evolve our plans to ensure a safe environment is developed. The below outlines our key measures to provide a safe environment under the current regulations of NSW state.


Attendee and guest check-In:


All tickets will be sold online and guests will receive a scannable QR code on their phone. Guests will be greeted by ADMA’s registration staff and will check-in via QR code – touch screens or lanyards will be used to avoid contact between staff and guests. 


All guests and staff will also be required to check-in on arrival at the venue via the state government app for COVID tracing. Venues are responsible for managing the contact tracing of guests and will provide this information to their state government through the use of the state government app.

View the venue covid plan here.


Wellbeing of staff and attendees:


Attendees, speakers, committee members, board members and staff will be made aware through event communications that they should only attend if they are feeling well and do not have any respiratory or COVID-19 symptoms. If they turn up unwell to the event/venue they will be asked to leave.


All staff will be provided with the event COVID-19 safe plan and are required to read and familiarise themselves with the procedures. They are also advised to stay up to date with the latest covid-19 health information in their state.


All venues are responsible for displaying signage outlining the conditions of entry and any Covid 19 safe information via internal & external signage. 


The venue is responsible for the service of alcohol and queue management at the bar areas including social distancing. Alcohol will only be consumed by seated patrons and guests will be required to sit at all times during the event not mingle between tables. 


Food service is managed and provided in line with latest regulations and industry best practice and in line with Australian Food Safety guidelines by the venue. 

On-site car park will be promoted to guests as part of event communications as an alternate to public transport. The venue has ample parking for all guests at the event.


Physical distancing:

Capacity at the events have been approved by the venues and adhere to the state government rules on social distancing at the events. A floor plan drawn up on the venue floor plan with regulated distances between seats and tables will be available 


Our staff and the venue staff will ensure physical distancing where possible, including:


  •  At registration, toilets, bar areas and entrance/exit points

  • between staff running, managing and serving at the event


Any social distancing regulations within the venue will be promoted using signage, markers, ropes and barriers, as allocated by the venue and attendees will be reminded to keep a suitable distance from each other. 


To minimise crowding/mingling at the event, we will ensure all guests once registered are ushered to their assigned seats. They will be reminded not to move around the room unless for toilet breaks. 

To prevent crowding in communal area at the event, no event posters will be used at this event – including not displaying seating plans. Signage will be kept to the projection screens inside the venue.


All staff will be advised to keep a  1.5m distance from other staff and guests during the event. If they feel more comfortable to wear a mask they are advised to bring one to the event. We will have disposable masks for single use if staff required. All venue staff will wear masks during the event if they are required by their state government.


Breaks for all staff will be staggered where possible, or in a large enough space where staff can be physically distanced for meals will be provided.


Bump-in/out schedule will adhere to the designated time, allocated by the venue, and any loading dock deliveries staggered where possible.


To manage gatherings that may occur immediately outside the premises, we will ensure:

  • External queuing system in place with social distancing signage

  • Venue security personnel to manage  queues and move guests on that are congregating after the event


Hygiene and cleaning:

Hand sanitation stations will be provided at entry and throughout the venue, as allocated by the venue.

All cleaning will be the responsibility of each venue. High touch points including lift buttons, escalator handrails and door handles will be cleaned and sanitized regularly by venue staff.


The bathrooms will be well stocked with hand soap and paper towels or hand dryers, as monitored by the venue staff. Clear signage will be displayed in the venue showing the steps for staying hygienic.


The venue will ensure all event spaces and equipment are cleaning pre and post the event. 


All food preparation and food service items are cleaned through commercial grade dishwashers. Food Hygiene monitoring as part of Food Safety system is conducted by the venue. Enhanced frequency of surface cleaning and sanitation will be conducted by venue team including pre-event, during and post-event.


Staff are to wash hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after cleaning.


Record keeping:

The venue’s contact tracing app or state government app on arrival at the venue (main entrance and/or loading dock entrance). Guests will also be checked in via the ADMA registration app QR code for record keeping of attendees. Electronic list recording will be taken of those that do not have access to QR code app. 

Note: If a person is unable to provide contact details, for example due to age or language barriers, another person may provide contact details on their behalf. If there are unexpected circumstances which prevent the use of electronic methods to collect contact details (such as an internet outage), any paper records must be entered into an electronic format such as a spreadsheet within 12 hours.


We will cooperate with the state Health authorities if contacted in relation to a positive case of COVID-19 at one of the events. 


We will ensure an electronic copy of this COVID-19 Safety Plan is available at the event for any attendees, staff or venue staff to read. 

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