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Jess Hatzis

SESSION: YOU CAN'T CONVERT DEMAND THAT DOESN'T EXIST; A case for protecting brand marketing and rethinking how we measure ROI

Brand marketing is often considered ambiguous and hard to justify in a world focused on ROI from performance channels. But we must ask: how do we convert demand through these channels if it doesn't exist? In this session, founder and CMO of frank body explores the role brand plays in the overall lifecycle of a business and of course the conversion funnel while discussing ways businesses can approach brand marketing in a time of economic strain.


Jess Hatzis is a dynamic and creative entrepreneur with a passion for branding and marketing.With a love for black coffee, red wine, Neil Young, and a wardrobe overflowing with style, Jess's vibrant personality shines through everything she does.


In 2010, Jess co-founded Willow & Blake, a renowned branding agency that specializes in strategy, tone of voice, visual identity, and social media. The agency's mission is to preserve the power of the written word in a world increasingly filled with emojis. Their impressive clientele includes Grill'd, Deakin University, Seafolly, and Pana Chocolate.


In 2013, Jess embarked on a remarkable journey as she co-founded Frank Body, a beauty brand, with four friends. Dissatisfied with the impersonal communication methods of corporate brands, they saw an opportunity to connect with customers on a personal level. The brand's iconic 'Original Coffee Scrub' catapulted them to success, and Frank Body quickly became one of the fastest-growing beauty brands worldwide, selling millions of products in over 150 countries. As the CMO and Creative Director, Jess oversees her talented team of nearly 40 members across Australia and the US.


Jess's exceptional accomplishments have garnered widespread recognition. In 2016, she was named in Forbes' '30 under 30' list and was celebrated as Startup Daily's #1 Female Entrepreneur. Her achievements continued to be acknowledged when she was named Woman of the Year by Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar in 2017. 


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