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More dynamic speakers revealed as ADMA looks to help you elevate your marketing game

ADMA Global Forum

1 Aug 2023

From generative AI to marketing adaptability, ADMA’s latest Global Forum speakers are ready to help you elevate your marketing game.

Adapt, innovate and thrive are the catchcries of modern marketing. And this year’s ADMA Global Forum 2023 speaker line-up collects the finest minds in the industry to help you do just that.

ADMA is delighted to confirm Transhuman CEO, Amanda Johnstone, Frank Body Co-Founder and CMO, Jess Hatzis, former The Iconic CMO, Alexander Meyer, Deloitte AI Partner, Kellie Nuttall, and Microsoft Chief Technology Officer for Commercial Enterprise, Sarah Carney, as the latest speakers joining the stellar program for Global Forum 2023.

From a deep dive into generative AI, to exploring how to better harness brand marketing and team smarts in the face of economic uncertainty and ongoing transformation of customer engagement, these speakers will provide invaluable insights that could transform your marketing in 2024 and beyond.

How to make the case for protecting brand marketing and rethinking ROI

Speaker: Jess Hatzis, Co-Founder and CMO, Frank Body

You can’t convert demand that doesn’t exist. Yet marketers have found it increasingly difficult to protect brand marketing in a world focused on ROI from performance channels. In her speaker debut at ADMA Global Forum, Frank Body’s Jess Hatzis will explore the role brand plays in the lifecycle of a business and conversion funnel and provide effective ways you can approach brand marketing in a time of economic strain.

A dynamic and creative entrepreneur, Jess has a passion for branding and marketing that has paid substantial dividends throughout her professional life. In 2010, Jess co-founded Willow & Blake, a renowned branding agency specialising in strategy, tone of voice, visual identity and social media building. The agency’s impactful work led to an impressive clientele list including Grill'd, Deakin University, Seafolly and Pana Chocolate.

In 2013, Jess co-founded beauty brand Frank Body with four friends and a mission to connect with customers on a personal level. The brand's iconic Original Coffee Scrub catapulted them to success, and Frank Body quickly became one of the fastest-growing beauty brands worldwide, selling millions of products in over 150 countries. As the CMO and Creative Director, Jess oversees a talented team of 40 members across Australia and the US.

AI and the attention economy

Speaker: Amanda Johnstone, CEO, Transhuman

Think you know where AI is going? Or the delineation between human and machine? Well, Transhuman CEO, Amanda Johnstone, plans to challenge you on that.

Amanda is one of Australia’s most globally recognised artificial intelligence (AI) technologists. She’s joining this year’s ADMA Global Forum line-up to provide attendees with a fresh perspective on the human-machine conundrum.

With attention key to modern marketing engagement, technology innovation has followed suit, measuring levels of comprehension to deliver tailored content that keeps audiences engaged using human-machine symbiosis in real time. Yet society is on the precipice of an integration of tools that will radically change the way we both create and absorb information. It goes beyond AI, ChatGPT, virtual reality and holograms. In her presentation, Amanda will teach attendees how to see what is coming next, capitalise on it, and find first-mover advantage.

Armed with a desire to transform the role of technology in our lives, Amanda co-founded Transhuman, a mental health and emotion AI technology, in 2014. It was there she invented the world’s first file type responsible for data sharing in the metaverse with technology leaders from NASA, Apple and General Electric. Amanda has been named a Next Generation Leader by TIME and awarded Start-up Executive of the Year by The CEO Magazine. She is also the host of Social Audio show, Talk Nerdy To Me, which boasts of nearly 300,000 subscribers.

Tough Times Don't Last, Tough Marketers Do

Speaker: Alexander Meyer, former CMO, The Iconic

Being adaptable is a muscle marketers must develop if they’re to ensure their efforts remain impactful in any situation. It's not just about weathering the storm but learning to dance in the rain that’s key to success.

In this very special session at ADMA Global Forum, well-renowned former CMO of The Iconic and former CMO50 number 2, Alexander Meyer, will offer practical insights on how to navigate marketing during economic tough times by better understanding your unique business and people context.

Alex is now Chief Customer Officer at The Bay, a digital spin-off launched by the department store giant Hudson's Bay Company, based in Canada. Prior to this, Alex was Chief Marketing Officer at The Iconic for five years, playing a pivotal role in driving the company’s success and leaving a lasting impact on The Iconic's growth and success. Among his most achievements were masterminding a comprehensive brand repositioning strategy, rapidly expanding the retailer’s sports product offerings, and fostering a sustainability commitment that ensures The Iconic remains at the forefront of environmentally conscious business practices.

Panel: Generative AI, Facts & Noise

Speakers: Kellie Nuttall, Lead Partner AI, Deloitte Australia;

Sarah Carney, Chief Technology Officer for Commercial Enterprise, Microsoft

During this dynamic panel session, two very different but complementary technology leaders, Kellie Nuttall and Sarah Carney, will delve into the realm of Generative AI, presenting the facts while also debunking common misconceptions surrounding this cutting-edge technology.

Kellie works as a Lead AI Partner and Strategy and Business Design Leader at Deloitte Australia, specialising in transforming complex data into valuable insights. With a strong background in utilising emerging technologies, Kellie possesses a wealth of experience in designing AI operating models that align with companies’ strategic goals. Kellie also boasts of expertise in consumer decision making and nudge psychology, backed by a PhD, providing her with unique perspective on how to drive impactful transformation.

Sarah currently serves as Chief Technology Officer for Commercial Enterprise at Microsoft Australia and New Zealand, where she plays a pivotal role in shaping the company's industry strategy across various sectors. Before joining Microsoft, Sarah served in the Australian army and embarked on a decade of global travel, gaining diverse experience across multiple industries in Europe and the Middle East. Her professional journey included contributions to Think Tanks, building custom business applications, the telecommunications sector and now technology-driven problem-solving.

Australia’s strongest line-up of speakers

These fabulous speakers will take the stage at ADMA Global Forum 2023 alongside NYU Stern Professor of Marketing, Scott Galloway, Seven West Media chief marketing and audience officer, Mel Hopkins, Marketing Professor and Mini MBA Founder, Mark Ritson, and many more.

So what are you waiting for? Secure your spot at this year’s ADMA Global 2023 and start elevating your marketing game!

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